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Aircraft & Vessel Parts

Since 2010, UTS CO. has served the aerospace and marine industries.  Our growing Global Supply Chain provides our customers a competitive advantage when sourcing aircraft parts, ground support equipment and engine parts for any kind of commercial vessel.  We support both Commercial and Military applications.  

With our experiences from the course of the last five years, the relationships we have developed with manufacturers, distributors, and surplus suppliers provides us access to an immense range of parts, from bearings and fasteners to avionics and aircraft structural parts.

UTS CO’S professional sales and customer service team will work directly with your purchasing staff to effectively meet your critical supply demands in a timely and professional manner.

For checking our facilities, simply submit a Request for a Quote. Please indicate the PN (Part Number) and NSN (National Stock Number) and a description of the parts you require. Within 24 hours we will provide you with a quote. 

 For additional information please feel free to contact us.

Person in charge: Dr. Nicolay Nedopas




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