Ukraina Taka Service Co.

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One of the main activities of the Ukraina Taka Service is export of grains from Black Sea and Caspian sea Ports (feed barley, feed wheat, milling wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, soya beans, and wheat flour).

 Origination of grains and oilseeds are from Ukraine, Russia Kazakhstan and Moldova.

 Recently the UTS.CO. with obtaining a new opportunity has been able to offer all kind of grain from USA and Canada too.

The UTS.CO., with 20 years relationship with his verified producers, is able to export and ship the grain and oilseeds to all over the world, using the vessels from 3000 MTs up to 50000 MTs as per lot.

 For all necessary information you may contact us.


Person in charge: Igor Nedopas

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